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  1. My husband and I own several rental properties in CT. I was notified by three of my tenants that they have been laid off. Their all good tenants and I’m aware the rents will be late. Meanwhile my husband and I are both on SSI. Our monthly income is derived from SSI and our rent checks. Is there any help for landlords that have to pay taxes, insurance, property maintenance and repairs.

  2. Has anyone determined how many people have recovered from the covid19 virus?

    Does the Connecticut government know these numbers?

    If so, why are they not releasing them?

    We have to have at least 1 known recovery, most likely a significant more, since our first known case.

    Any information you can provide is greatly appreciated

    • Simple math: the total number of CT cases (45,715), minus the number of deaths and still hospitalised (4,251, 150). Equals 41,314 recovered. This shows a mortality rate of 9.3%, bit higher than average, likely due to nursing home rates and unreported cases.

  3. Is there a limit to how many people one can have on their property (outdoors, social distancing) or indoors (if weather requires) after May 20? My daughter is getting married and has had to cancel the church wedding/reception/honeymoon. While they will still exchange vows on May 24, I’d like to invite about 20 people to my home for a celebration of sorts. We will be outdoors unless it rains.

  4. I am an owner of a tattoo studio in CT. I am not a “voice” of the tattoo industry but will say that the Tattooists across the state are justified in their anger over the delayed re-opening of their businesses. Professional tattoo shops have been operating using CDC guidelines ( sanitation,sterilization, prevention of cross contamination, and use of universal precautions) since 1980…40 YEARS ! We are all OSHA certified and licensed by the State of CT. Most tattoo shops are low volume, appointment only and have been for years. The only change necessary will be artists and clients being masked. I can only presume that stereotype and/or an incredible lack of information has caused the Reopening board to overlook us.

    • Masks are not 100% effective. And tattoos require poking someone with needles, correct? What if someone doesn’t disclose they aren’t feeling well? Doesn’t seem like a stretch to see how a tattoo parlor could easily spread infection in a small group which would increase exponentially from there. Hair salons are still closed, but tattoos are more safe somehow? I don’t really think we should be reopening anything at this point. If you’re so angry, you can move to Wisconsin or Alabama where you can infect whomever you please.

        • Spoken like a true educated patriot who values the lives and livelihoods of every american! Yes masks help, but still prolonged close exposure with asymptomatic covid customers is a real danger. Just read about the the hundreds of cases of large outbreaks from places like hair salons etc. Thanks to all who are wearing masks! Pls keep urging others. Love thy neighbor.

      • You feel we shouldn’t be opening anything at this point? You are definitely drinking the Kool-Aid! “If you so angry you can move to Wisconsin or Alabama and infect whomever you please” Sorry comrade for upsetting you, but this is still American. If you feel so strongly about this virus (where surviving it is 99.8%) please move down to your basement, lock the door and let people live their lives. Let freedom ring. Oh…. Maybe the CDC should stop padding the virus death toll. Fear is a great way to control people.

      • I think we should spend more time at home I am a waitress .We all want to get back to work ,not at a cost of more people dying.4200 PEOPLE LOST THERE LIVES..and that is where we live.Kids our getting it in California.I am not ready to go back..and risk my family’s life. Not a Democrat or Republican. A human being.

        • those deaths are 70 or more frome nursing homes the state is admitting so the general population not at much risk

  5. I do not understand the numbers by counties. Is the initial # those hospitalized, and the second the deaths. Do we have any numbers with those folks who had the virus but didn’t need to be hospitalized,or: were sick but stayed home and recovered.

    • The first county number is cases, and the second number is county deaths. Of the cases, some are hospitalized but others recover at home. A more detailed breakdown is not provided. But after weeks of hospitalizations increasing, they are now dropping each day.
      The state does supply a community-by-community breakdown of cases, which is updated daily.That’s available at the link provided in the story.

  6. In my opinion, I think opening up all these places with mass amount of people will spread infection. What’s more important, lives or state taxes. When this virus hits your family like it did to so many I would hope that all you government people will sit back and take a slower approach.

    • The issue isn’t state taxes. It is lives vs. lives. Many of us have no other livelihood than to operate our business and serve our customers. We are highly motivated to make sure everyone is safe and healthy as our #1 priority and we will do all in our power to operate safely. This is not a mass opening, this is careful, with precautions, many many hours invested in planning, and still grossly negative income, but at least we can pay some expenses, and buy a little more time for our families also. Safe reopening has been demonstrated in a number of places now ahead of CT. Business owners that I know are all paranoid and over-cautious to do this extremely carefully, above and beyond state guidance, sharing practices, innovating, and learning from those ahead in other states. Many businesses and livelihoods will be gone and not coming back, and will entail significant life consequences for months and years.

  7. A slower approach will ruin this country. Stop listening to the liberal media. We are Americans. The Dems are dying to take away all of our personal rights. They would be happy to see the quarantine go on indefinitely. Their goal is to have a mail in election in November. I wonder why? Oh, because it easier to commit voter fraud? Hmmm… I wonder when “someone” will take this post down.

  8. Many states have reopened a while back and are fine. Stop listening to the mass hysteria from the media and the left. Don’t tell me….”but if we open it will cause 1 more death”….well then maybe no one should leave their homes ever, stay inside, don’t drive a car, don’t ski or hike. Everything has a risk involved. There are peoples lives at stake who own these businesses and many will not re-open if we become some commie dictated state who over rules everything and takes everyone’s freedom away. I love the people who comment…”well move to anther state”. Well guess what, you may get your wish when all those that can move to another state move and all you’re left with is a state the has not jobs and is forced to tax the crap out of everyone to keep it’s doors open because it ruined all the businesses and jobs from over regulation. Then when you loose your state benefits I’m sure your tone will change. Overall I think CT has done well and the businesses have done everything they can but I still think we are moving too slow in opening and if there is a 2nd wave we need a balanced approach that helps the business owner.

  9. Does anyone know about the homeless? Those of us not moved to a motel have been in lockdown and the administration doesn’t look like their letting us out on the 17th

  10. How about people who are at high risk in CT of catching covid 19 who can not go back to work because of their health. And are receiving unemployment. Soon unemployment will be finished . Can they get help with stimulus money untill it is safe for them to be able to go back to work without worrying about getting covid 19. Their so many innocent people out here with this problem. I’m one of them. Im a certified nurse aide and theirs lots of jobs for me. But i can not go back to work because i am at high risk of getting covid 19 because of my health . what kind of help do we get. Please we need a solution right away. It is not fair for us.

  11. It’s sad how the right has made a political issue about a purely scientific one. And if you have so many issues about liberal values, then take your own advice and leave CT, because those values have saved lives. I welcome all opinions and views, even the ones that are clearly, I cannot say wrong, so let me say ignorant and uninformed. You cannot fight an ideological war with a virus, because…it’s a virus. Have some compassion for your fellow human beings, or is that too liberal to ask someone to do? Who you should hold accountable is the blundering national government who has put us this deep in the mud in the first place. Stay healthy and well to all.

    • Yeah that’s too liberal.. I’ll take care of me, you worry about you…we all gotta die sometime but I won’t do it under a Dem thumb…

  12. Does anyone know if schools will reopen in the fall, and if so will we be able to make our normal preparations for college? I’ve heard from a few sources that extracurricular activities and sports may be cancelled, but will that be true for the entire year or only during the fall season? I’m a rising freshman, currently arranging my classes for next year. This response is coming from an apolitical person, so please exclude politics from your answer. Any information is greatly appreciated!

  13. Hi where I live most people are wearing mask but I can’t even go into my local Cumberland Farms the employees wear their mask on top of their head like it’s a game buy more than 2 drinks and say you can only get one straw how is this safe?? I think you need to educate these businesses that are open a little more Please it’s Definitely not FAIR to the public these kids think it’s funny but it’s not wait til it affects a loved one of theirs then they might think and put that mask on Please it’s not just for us it’s for them too!!

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