Stamford Nursing Facility Fined

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A Stamford nursing facility was fined $2,090 last month by the state Department of Public Health for failure to notify a doctor of a change in a patient’s condition and failure to provide care.

The St. Camillus Care and Rehabilitation Center was fined $1,100 for failure to immediately notify a physician when a patient was not alert, experienced shortness of breath, and had an elevated white blood cell count, among other disorders.

An additional $980 fine was imposed for failure to provide adequate documentation that another patient with dementia, who was vomiting, was monitored for dehydration, fever and other ailments, and that a third patient with an abdominal obstruction was given adequate medical assessments.

St. Camillus Care, located on Elm Street, is a 124-bed licensed facility. It has agreed to pay the fine, a state official said.